Immigration Law

The United States is a nation whose population consists almost entirely of immigrants and the descendants of immigrants. Today’s immigration issues and laws have grown out of the country’s ongoing experience with waves of legal and illegal immigration and are constantly being modified as administrations and our relations with foreign countries continue to change and evolve over time. While immigration law is primarily governed by federal law, it is important to remember that each state is also involved in the enforcement of those laws, although this varies somewhat from state to state.

There are numerous immigration issues with which our firm is prepared to assist. These include family-based petitioning such as obtaining fiancée and spousal visas, the removal of conditional residency status, the preparation of support documentation, name changes, social security and work clearance, naturalization (becoming a citizen of the United States) as well as petitions for adoption and for entry by alien minor children. Other common immigration issues involve student status, employment-based petitioning, the labor certification process for employers, investor visas, asylum petitions and applications for changes of immigration status.

Immigration law also involves deportation or removal defense for those who are here “illegally” (according to the government) or who have not yet adjusted their resident alien (“green card”) status and who have violated immigration laws, been charged with or “convicted” of crimes of certain types. These cases often involve detention at various facilities, making prompt action, bail and bond efforts and obtaining time for review and action before being removed or deported. These situations can ultimately result in review by the Board of Immigration Appeals and, sometimes, federal Courts of Appeal. Our firm has attorneys admitted to practice in the federal courts with review jurisdiction and can thus assist with matters of this type within Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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