White Collar Crime

(We regret to inform our clients that effective March 31, 2017, and from that time forward, we are only accepting consultation work with respect to criminal matters and cases. Under certain circumstances, we will consider taking white collar criminal matters and cases.)

White Collar Crime involves many types of non-violent criminal offenses. White Collar Crime generally includes fraudulent schemes carried out by more sophisticated means and persons than is the case with more typical “street” type crimes. Bankruptcy fraud, consumer fraud, financial fraud, insurance fraud, health care fraud, computer crimes, bribery, forgery, money laundering, violation of anti-trust laws, tax evasion or schemes to evade taxes, embezzlement, racketeering, insider trading and securities fraud are examples of White Collar Criminal activity.

Criminal investigation of suspected White Collar Crime often begins years before charges are brought. There is an old, generally true, adage that what a suspect says to the prosecution team can be used against him or her but whatever your attorney discusses usually cannot. John Reilly & Associates has years of experience representing potential white collar criminal defendants prior to any charges being brought, many times helping to turn an investigation of this type into a civil matter or nothing at all. At other times our early pre- indictment representation has allowed us to help clients minimize or entirely avoid legal culpability. We are experienced in defending our clients through every stage of criminal proceedings, including appeals and other post conviction relief.

If you think that you may be the target or subject of a White Collar Criminal Investigation please contact us immediately. It truly could mean the difference between the civil fine or jail time. If charges have already been brought, contact us to explore your options.