Breach of Aircraft Lease – $833,000.00 Judgment

Our client leased a Cessna Citation jet aircraft to defendants, expecting that the stipulated payments would be made, that the airplane would be maintained in accordance with applicable Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) Regulations, and that there would be compliance with other customary contract terms. Unfortunately, defendants failed to comply and when the plane was finally repossessed it was determined that there had been little or no maintenance, requiring extensive repairs before it could receive a Certificate of Compliance (Regulations, Part 135) without which it could not be legally flown for its intended commercial purpose. This was an action that sought all sums due for repairs, loss of use and income, unpaid insurance and regulatory compliance. We are pleased that judgment has now been entered for our client and against the defendants in the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island for the sum of over $833,000.00, plus interest and attorney fees. HCT AIR, LLC v Southern Jet Center, LLC a/ka/ Jet Management, Inc., et al.

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