City of Fall River Enjoined

The Superior Court for Bristol County, Massachusetts has restrained and enjoined the City of Fall River, its officers, agents, Tax Assessor and Board of Health from refusing to issue and/or revoking our client’s food license based upon the failure of a separate corporation sharing the same address to pay vehicle excise taxes. Holding that the City provided no significant evidence with which to link the two corporations or pierce the “corporate veil,” Judge Rene Dupuis pointed out that our client had paid its taxes and that the mere fact that existed one common shareholder, all corporate formalities had been followed by each entity. The time for an appeal has passed, our client has received its license and we are pleased that it can continue operations, saving numerous jobs and keeping its good record intact since 1932. (F. Nasiff Jr. Co. Inc. v. City of Fall River, et al (1673CV00835 – 2017).

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