Even the Seven Years’ War Came to an End

Morra's Sticky Notes - John Reilly & Associates - Rhode Island Massachusetts - The Legal Strike ForceIn 2009 we filed a lawsuit on behalf of seven (7) persons including 4 police officials and three private citizens against the then Chairperson of the Rehoboth, Massachusetts Board of Selectmen. The complaint sought damages for defamation, infliction of emotional distress and civil rights violations. We are pleased to announce that after 7 years of prolonged and difficult litigation with scores of depositions, hearings and motions, the case has finally been resolved – not by the second Treaty of Paris (1763), but by extensive mediation begun in 2014 and ending in August, 2015. Since our clients have agreed that the specific terms of the settlement agreement are to remain confidential in nature, we will only state that they all seem very pleased with the settlement and resolution of this dispute and thank all involved in the mediation process for “rolling up their sleeves” to get this “monster” of a case behind one and all and hopefully move forward with their affairs. It is certainly time to “bury the hatchet” and we’ll talk about the photo shown here (taken during a deposition in this case) on a Strike Force YouTube video (names of parties withheld).

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