Federal Court Judge Grants Our Motion to Dismiss in Trafficking Case

Our clients owned and managed the Shangri-La Motel in Seekonk, Massachusetts when a Mr. McLean allegedly lured a woman to travel to the area from Maine.  He was convicted of indecent assault and battery upon her and she later filed an action in the U.S. District Court in Boston seeking damages against McLean and the owners/managers of the Motel.  It was claimed that the woman was abused sexually, mentally and verbally by McLean for the ultimate purpose of forcing her into a life of prostitution.  Our clients were sued under the theory that they conspired with McLean and benefitted from his activities by receiving room rentals.  In his dismissal order, the Court decided that the Complaint was insufficient to support the inference that the hotel management was in a trafficking venture with McLean.  At this point in time it is not clear whether further proceedings (such as an appeal) will take place.  (February 17, 2016).

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