New York Law Not Applicable – Policy Limit Settlement

Our client and her husband left their car in New York while travelling overseas for a vacation. On their return, an unidentified vehicle and object thrown into the windshield caused her husband to strike a barrier and she was injured, suffering fractured ribs. Their insurer, GEICO, advised her that the only benefits available to her would be under New York no-fault law and she came to our firm as she was told that the benefits she could receive were very limited.  The adjuster did not respond to repeated attempts to point out that under Rhode Island’s “choice of law” approach a trip that began and was to end in Rhode Island without the existence of an out-of-state defendant required that Rhode Island law be applied. So we filed suit and GEICO promptly settled the case for the full amount of our client’s uninsured motorist policy limits.  Another happy client! (Manzienko v. GEICO, 2013).

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