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New York Law Not Applicable – Policy Limit Settlement

Our client and her husband left their car in New York while travelling overseas for a vacation. On their return, an unidentified vehicle and object thrown into the windshield caused her husband to strike a barrier and she was injured, suffering fractured ribs. Their insurer, GEICO, advised her that the … Read more

Wrongful Criminal Charges Dismissed At Trial

At some level everyone probably fears being accused of something that they did not do – especially if it is a crime. It is worse when you are a legal immigrant who can be deported, leaving behind family, friends and a career if found guilty. That is exacly what our … Read more

Breach of Aircraft Lease – $833,000.00 Judgment

Our client leased a Cessna Citation jet aircraft to defendants, expecting that the stipulated payments would be made, that the airplane would be maintained in accordance with applicable Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) Regulations, and that there would be compliance with other customary contract terms. Unfortunately, defendants failed to comply and … Read more

Not Guilty Verdict

In a 6-day jury trial we contended that our client was the victim of excessive Police force (pepper spraying and then using a flashlight to smash and break the teeth of a handcuffed man lying on the ground) and that Providence Police charges that he was disorderly, obstructed an officer … Read more

Federal Judge Agrees With Our Appeal and Changes Long Standing Procedure in Rhode Island Cases Claiming “Bad Faith” by Insurance Companies

In a ruling issued on Friday, February 5, 2010, Judge William Smith of the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island ruled that the long-standing Rhode Island practice of automatically stopping discovery in insurance “bad faith” cases until after the underlying “contract” claims are resolved should no … Read more

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