Not Guilty Verdict

In a 6-day jury trial we contended that our client was the victim of excessive Police force (pepper spraying and then using a flashlight to smash and break the teeth of a handcuffed man lying on the ground) and that Providence Police charges that he was disorderly, obstructed an officer and resisted arrest were fabricated in an attempt to “cover up” the excessive and unnecessary force. Three police officers testified under oath that the charges were justified and that no excessive force had been used. With the help of defense witnesses, a surveillance video and other physical evidence, a jury of twelve deliberated for only one and one-half hours before returning non guilty verdicts on all counts and charges. The Providence Police Department has many fine officers, but there seem to be some unfortunate exceptions and we will continue to pursue a federal civil rights action already filed against those responsible for these charges and our client’s injuries. Lead counsel: John Reilly; assisted by: Michael Levinson (State v. CostaNo. P3-2893A, Providence County Superior Court).

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