A Salute From Another Lawyer Who Worked on a Case with Us:
John: Received the checks. Thank you. As they used to say at Jai Alai “the players salute you”. Fabulous result. Hope to see you soon.
JAD, Esquire (October, 2010)

Husband Looting Family Assets:
John !!
Thank you for all your dedicated work on our case.
R, G, L, and kids (May, 2010)

Medical Negligence Settlement:
Dear John and Paul, Thank you for checks welcomely received. And thank you for the settlement in such a timely way. Good work! D.B. (March, 2010)

Business Dispute:
My business partner and I appreciate all that you’ve done, not only with the deposition of Mr. (name withheld) but as a true professional attorney. You kept us informed throughout the process and explained in detail your plan. Great job. Thank you for moving this along from your end a quickly as you did. This could have dragged on for a very long time if it wasn’t for you.
T.A.D. (October, 2008)

New Jersey family pleased with Probate help:
Thank you for helping out our family during this time. You have a great team – it was one less thing I had to worry about. Thank you again for everything!
A. Kovacs, Clifton, N.J. (July, 2008)

From an Anonymous Blogger:
He’s The Guy To Get When You Want to Sue Seekonk (Experience):
Amazing, Just when you think things are quieting down, Reilly steps up to the bat. (Posted by unknown blogger on site “Seekonk Talk – Unmoderated – message 8091
– April, 2008.)