Wrongful Criminal Charges Dismissed At Trial

At some level everyone probably fears being accused of something that they did not do – especially if it is a crime. It is worse when you are a legal immigrant who can be deported, leaving behind family, friends and a career if found guilty. That is exacly what our client experienced in a nightmarish situation beginning in the fall of 2011. The best defense being an actual defense, we were able to obtain substantial information and several witnesses – all pointing to our client’s innocence and his accuser’s total lack of credibility. Totally prepared for a jury trial, the alleged “victim” apparently thought better of it all and decided not to appear for trial. So the sexual harassment, “stalking” and other charges brought against him have been dismissed and we will now help him obtain his U.S. Citizenship. Another happy client and family! (Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. “Z”)

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