Fred Kamynin

Fred Kamynin John Reilly & Associates Providence Rhode Island Massachusetts ConnecticutFred Kamynin joined and heads up the new Special Operations unit of John Reilly & Associates (home of the Legal Strike Force). Born in Rostov-on-Don in the Russian Federation, Fred moved to the United Stated at an early age. He attended and graduated from Cranston West High School and is continuing with advanced studies.

Fred is not only a welcome addition to our firm but has been extremely helpful in organizing and improving our technical progress, including our Legal Strike Force facebook pages and YouTube channel. He has used some of the skills associated with those ventures to provide terrific (sometimes undercover) investigations for the firm. He has interfaced and worked with outside vendors to improve the expansion from one office location to multiple sites and his friendly and helpful attitude has drawn praise from other legal professionals and clients alike.

Fred Kamynin John Reilly & Associates Providence Rhode Island Massachusetts ConnecticutFred has been successful in several business and personal pursuits. For example, he set a Rhode Island record for selling the most cars to a single family in the history of the State while working with Elmwood Dodge. He has also mastered the art of watch repair under the talented eye of Fred Delman of Delman Watch Services, even appearing in a commercial for that business. In fact, Fred has appeared in other advertisements and been entrusted with several rare coins transactions. On a personal note, he enjoys all types of sports, including basketball where (on at least two occasions) his friends say his shooting ability has being compared favorably with all time Celtics legend Larry Bird (also an auto dealer). He also enjoyed helping a friend complete and publish a novel (Loss of Vision of the Modern World).

Fred is fluent in the Russian and Polish languages, is a Notary Public and stands ready to assist our clients in numerous ways not available at other Law Firms.