Business and Commercial Litigation

Every sophisticated business person knows that in the realm of business and commercial transactions, there are pitfalls that preferably never occur, but are sometimes unavoidable. At John Reilly & Associates, we provide our clients with a wealth of services that range from assisting them in avoiding liabilities that often arise during complex transactions, to zealously advocating for them should litigation become inevitable.

We provide our clients with a broad spectrum of business related services including facilitating transactions by assisting them in stock sales, license transfers, business & partnership sales, tax issues, fraud and asset recovery, as well as the preparation of legal documentation including promissory notes, mortgages, deeds, corporate authorizations, forms, and much, much more.

Additionally, we have successfully litigated business and commercial disputes of all kinds including those involving: breach of contract, shareholder and partnership disputes, asset disputes, tortious interference, breach of fiduciary duty, malpractice, fraud & white collar crime litigation (including asset recovery on behalf of victims), faulty workmanship and negligence.