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Excessive Law Firm Billing Practices – Over-staffing

Over-staffing the handling of a matter for a client who knows no better and pays their bills is a significant example of an excessive law firm billing practice that we have seen over the years. This is most often encountered when a client is paying … Read more

Punitive Damages in Civil Rights Suits

It is often misunderstood that all damages awarded in civil rights suits against cities and/or towns must be paid by the taxpayers if there is not enough insurance coverage available. While this could be true in certain circumstances (such as where there is simply too little insurance coverage), there is … Read more

Pro Hac Vice in the State of Rhode Island

As a service to the public and to lawyers not familiar with the Rhode Island “pro hac vice” procedure, we furnish the following link to a summary (written by Paul Crowell with John Reilly) on our main website. We hope that you will find it to be informative and useful. … Read more

Discovery of Insurance Company Files in “Bad Faith” Cases

Traditionally, courts automatically stopped (“stayed” in legal jargon) people who sued their insurance companies from obtaining copies of claims files, procedural guidelines and other such documents until they first prevailed on their basic, “contract” claim. In cases bearing the earmarks of true “bad faith” this could ultimately require the parties … Read more

Where Does Seized Money and Property Ordered Forfeited by the Courts Go?

In many types of cases (especially criminal matters), the state and federal governments seize property or money and seek to have it ordered to be “forfeited” by courts. An order of forfeiture essentially permanently deprives the person who had the property or money from ever having it again. But what … Read more

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