Firearms Acquittal in Taunton District Court

Jury finds our client “not guilty” after deliberating for only 10 minutes.

John Reilly & Associates - Legal Strike Force - Taunton Massachusetts - Firearms AcquittalFollowing a 3 day jury trial in the Taunton District Court our client was acquitted by a 6 person jury of one count of assault and battery and three counts of improper storage of firearms (see accompanying photograph of the Commonwealth’s “evidence” on display in the courtroom.  Our expert witness in assessing secure places was Charles Mulcahy or Parallax Investigations in Rhode Island.  His explanation of the layered security systems in and about the defendant’s barn trumped the testimony of three Seekonk Police whose opinions would have extended the meaning of a “secure place” to store firearms far beyond the meaning and intent of the already extremely stringent laws of Massachusetts.  (Commonwealth v. David (last name withheld for security purposes) – verdict on May 11, 2016)

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