Improper Spa Waxing Causes Infection and Another Settlement

Our client wanted her legs waxed before a vacation. Hers was apparently the first waxing of the day and the employee turned the heater up to its highest level to ready the wax for use. As the procedure went along, the wax got hotter and hotter to the point where it was painful. When our client commented on this problem the employee merely laughed. The client’s skin was burned and got worse and worse during her vacation. She eventually developed staph poisoning and welts on her leg for which she got treatment with a dermatologist. The case became complicated when the salon owner claimed that our client had never even been a patient of the salon. Through determined investigation and surveillance on the salon we eventually took the case to arbitration and won. The defendant’s insurance company has paid the entire award of $47,000 and John Reilly & Associates has another satisfied client. P.B. v. Kaur d/b/a (Providence Superior Court, January, 2015).

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