Independent Medical Examination Tactics – #3

Straight Leg Raising Tests – This is a popular and important test for persons who complain of pain running or radiating into one or both of their legs. In the absence of clear diagnostic evidence, some claimants (with “bulging” discs for example) may be suspected of exaggerating or “faking” pain and limitation in motion, increasing the perceived need to perform this time- honored part of the IME testing. We have been advised by many IME physicians that they begin this test in a way that those who exaggerate problems will not be on their guard – sitting on the edge of the examination table. Their view is that the “fakers” voice no problems when the lower part of their legs are raised (from the knee down) while seated yet will complain of pain when the same leg is raised while lying on their back on the table. The doctors indicate that when a real problem exists it will show or exhibit itself during BOTH of these tests. When the complaints only occur while lying down, this is often viewed as an indicator of “faking” or outright fraud.
John Reilly

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