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Blue Cross Should Have Looked Before it Leaped

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully defended our client, a dermatopathologist, against claims brought against her by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island.  Blue Cross claimed that more than 400 patients had been given IHC stain tests that it said were “medically unnecessary”.  It sued … Read more

Student Injures Hand on School Gate – $575,000 Settlement

A late afternoon school group celebration ended badly when a teacher and a parent asked elementary school children to close a large roller style gate.   The defense argued that it was the students who decided to close the gate on their own. Our young client (already having special needs) got … Read more

Eyebrow Threading and Brushing – $45,000 Settlement

Our client suffered an abrasion due to threading and then became infected when threading staff used a brush on all customers without cleaning it before use.  She had to have strong antibiotics. Administered overnight in hospital, and lost two days of work.  (Names of parties withheld in this Rhode Island … Read more

City of Fall River Enjoined

The Superior Court for Bristol County, Massachusetts has restrained and enjoined the City of Fall River, its officers, agents, Tax Assessor and Board of Health from refusing to issue and/or revoking our client’s food license based upon the failure of a separate corporation sharing the same address to pay vehicle … Read more

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