From a Longtime Friend and Client in Texas:
Hi John. I wanted to inform you that Alex is a wonderful lawyer and we have become friends. He is very professional as you know and always stops talking when the client has something to say. You are blessed to have him. I am grateful for the service I received from your office. Thanks.
E.C., February 24, 2016

Group Settlement:
Thank for all your good work. John I’m happy, I don’t know about the rest of the group but I don’t think there was a lot to begin with there.  Great Job.
P.B., August 17, 2015

Following Massachusetts arbitration decision against Norfolk & Dedham Insurance Company:
I’m pleased with what was awarded.  It’s more than I ever expected.
V.V., June, 2015

John, I really appreciate your willingness to me with me to discuss my situation.  Your perspective is unique and particularly valuable because this has been gnawing at me incessantly for months.  But after watching you consider the facts and listening to your conclusions I have to say that I now feel better than I have in months unlike after speaking with others connected with this case.  Thank you again,
F. McV., May, 2015

From Another Attorney:
Dear John: It appears that I am no longer personally exposed to any possible liability, and therefore will not be needing your capable services.
It was comforting knowing that you had been there for me if the need arose. My best personal regards.
Attorney A.H.C., March 30, 2015

From Pawtucket, Rhode Island:
I write to express my thanks for the legal representation John Reilly and his firm gave me which helped me through what was for me a most difficult injury claim. Just before leaving on a trip I was burned badly by extra hot wax at a salon. They later denied that I ever even visited their place of business and also denied that my severe burns and infection could possibly be related to using wax to remove hair. We had to go to court and the company and its lawyers insinuated that I was lying.

Throughout this ordeal Mr. Reilly never gave up and kept encouraging me to go forward. Eventually, we were able to prove that they had lied and that my condition, suffering, scarring all related to their negligence. Just before going to Court, we agreed to arbitration and I received a nice award that the defendants have now paid in full. I do not think that I could have proceeded without the support and encouragement of Mr. Reilly and his staff and highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance with their injury claim.
P.B., January 22, 2015