Open House – Boston Lawyer’s Note:
John, I’m sorry we were unable to make it to your open house. We wish you the best of luck in your new digs. I still hope to stop by and see it soon. Thank you for all of your help. D.T. and J.H. (November, 2007)

From Dick Manson, Executive Director, Insurance Training Alliance:
John, thank you for a great presentation at our Automobile Claim Fraud Program. The students (insurance claims personnel) were most impressed with what they learned from you. Many of them said you provided ideas they wished they had learned a long time ago. I appreciate you being a part of our program.

Much Higher Settlement After We Replaced Another Lawyer:
John, thank you so much! Our first lawyer told us we should settle my car accident case for $21,000. Thankfully we got your second opinion. We saw how much work you had to do to “undo” our prior lawyer’s mistakes, but it was worth it. I never believed we would get $145,000. I’m going to send a copy of the check to my first lawyer just to show how clueless he was. My husband and I can now buy a new house with the downpayment from this settlement. We are going to recommend you to everyone in Massachusetts! God bless you!
M.L.G., Foxborough

Probate of Estate:
On behalf of (the heirs of the estate) and myself, I’d like to thank you and Barbara Barrow for all of your help in settling our mother’s estate. We appreciate all the work you both did for us. We hope to see you soon.
C.E.P., Co-Executrix.

Hispanic Immigration Clients:
Mr. Reilly and Associates. God bless you and every day he give to you smart solutions in all cases. Thank you for your help!

From a Mother Whose Son Was Almost Lost in the Criminal System:
Dear John, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to handle my son’s case and for its happy conclusion. I can now have a restful vacation and hope that this run in with the law has given my son the lesson he needed to learn. Thanks to you the consequences were not too dire.