From Someone We Decided Not to Represent:
Dear John, Thank you for your letter, even though you have decided not to represent my wife and me. We do appreciate your having read all our documents and giving us your insight and suggestions. The complaint you forwarded was quite interesting and may prove helpful to us. Again, we appreciate your kindness.

From the Victorious Client in a Civil Trial Who Was Sued for a Million Dollars:
Dear John, For me it was an experience of a lifetime. I was satisfied to see justice done and to do my civic duty for my company and Peerless Insurance Company. No compensation for my expenses is necessary. I have written to Peerless Insurance Company and thanking them for engaging you as my attorney. Thank you for a complete and outstanding job. Very truly yours,
Allan W. Sydney, Sydney Supply Company, Cranston, Rhode Island.

From a Judge:
Dear John, I write to say thank you for the kind words you uttered at my swearing in. Frankly, I had forgotten some of the events that you described. I’m glad you enjoyed the evening festivities and am looking forward to getting together soon.
Judge (name withheld).

From a Summer Intern:
Dear John and the entire crew, I really enjoyed my stay at the office being able to overlook the day to day operations. Although hectic as it may have seemed it was was definitely a rewarding experience for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to take another opportunity to come again in the future. Back in Hawaii, its back to studying every day for the LSAT. If any of you decide to come to Hawaii, please let me know and I’ll be happy to show you around.

Restraining Order Against a “Stalker”:
John, you have done more than words can say. It is amazing how good life is now that you have stepped in and did “magic.” I did not know how good safety felt until I lost it and you helped me regain it. You are a great lawyer and friend. Thanks so much!